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WelcOme !

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Hey ya !

Welcome in this blog dedicated to my internship in england.

As i've no access to my ftp from england (in way to upload all the photos on my website), i'll probably only post photos and videos on this lil'blog. :)


My Work Place : ArtSway's Gallery

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ArtSway Gallery !!

The same again :)

Quick overview of the gallery when we arrived (desinstalling the previous exhibition)
Just look in the bottom right of the main gallery, u don't see anything ?!
Okay so we'll just zoom it a bit ;p

*zoOm* Yep it's a hidden door !! Let's see what there's behind :)

Wow what a bloody mess !! ô_O
... Yep, now this is my new work place ... o/

  A quite pretty video to sum up all these photos :)

Hannah Maybank Exhibition

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Here is a quick overview of Annah Maybank's exhibition at ArtSway, until the june 15th.

The ethereal and contemplative paintings and ink drawings of Hannah Maybank, who has drawn inspiration for her current body of work from the beauty to be found in the natural world.

The finished paintings can be appreciated on numerous levels. Starting from a distance the viewer is initially attracted by the detached, sparse intricacy of the pieces, but on closer inspection details are unveiled that cause the viewer to think more deeply about the process involved and about our relationship to time and the natural world.

Arcane Seek (Moon Canopy), 2008, acrylic and latex on linen, 61 x 81 cm
© Hannah Maybank

Disclosure (3 paintings), 2008, acrylic and latex on canvas, 200 x 393cm
© Hannah Maybank

Perennial Winter, 2005 acrylic & latex on canvas, 70 x 60 in / 117.8 x 152.5 cm
© Hannah Maybank

Video of Hannah's comments on her Disclosure painting.

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WelcOme !
My Work Place : ArtSway's Gallery
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